Hi, I'm Michael.

Having used home school to educate seven children I know the challenge it is to get started.

Wanting to help others I decided to put together a website to share with and help those of you who are interested in pursuing a home education.

Your children deserve a good education and fortunately have the opportunity to do so with homeschool. The benefits far outweigh any sacrifices you will make!

Presented are 7 issues and 4 steps that sometimes cause parents to hesitate to enroll in home school. In fact, these 7 issues are the reason why most parents do school at home and why you should enroll your children. The 4 easy steps we used with our children will work for yours, too. Please explore them before starting.

The four steps are the quick way to get started and may even be useful to experienced families that home school and want to encourage their friends to get started.

It is a challenge to get started at home without a helping hand so step one is to get the support you need.

Step two is to learn about and decide on a curriculum that best suits your child's learning ability, your teaching style and your situation.

Help us to make this a good resource for home school families worldwide. One of the ways you can help is by writing us with your questions, comments and suggestions.

Feel free to browse the website by using the Sitemap (Table of Contents), Search, or by clicking on any of the links in the top left menu or at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for checking out my website. Please revisit often as I will be posting lots of new stuff daily until I run out of ideas or material...