ABeka Books Curriculum Review

“ABeka books ensure your children will always be at an Advanced level”

The ABeka books stress accelerated learning on all levels. Third-grade secular math books were adapted and made into second-grade texts, and so on down the line. If you use Abeka books your children will always be at an advanced level for their age.

“You can tailor it to the needs of your child...”

This program includes a lot of drill & practice, so there is a lot of busywork that you may want to eliminate. The developers want the kindergarten students to be reading by Christmas. As a result, there is a lot of pressure on the younger ones. Children in lower grades are also made to do a lot of writing practice, which most home schoolers do not feel is appropriate for five and six year olds. The upside to this is that your children have the opportunity to be more advanced than their peers. Since you control their curriculum you may tailor it to the needs of your child.

“It's up to you how hands-on you make it...”

Skills are mastered primarily through rote memorization and drill, rather than through comprehension & application. It is the difference between memorizing the parts of a flower and taking several flowers apart to compare them. Experiments are included and it is up to you how much of a hands-on experience you make it for your child.

“Math and science have a Biblical point of view...”

A number of home schoolers enjoy using the textbooks without the teacher's guides and busywork. Many of these books are well written & provide a good Christian slant on history & science. Your children will have a good foundation in math and science from a Biblical point of view. If the recommended pace is followed, your children will spend hours in their books and become good studiers. It is up to you, the teacher, whether you assign every single part of the material or not.

“You have complete flexibility...”

In conclusion, the ABeka curriculum is well written with a Christian slant and the mathematics is from before the “New Math” being used in many curricula. You are free to include as much or as little of the curriculum and “busy work” as you like or to incorporate other materials from other publishers. As a home schooler you will have complete flexibility.

One problem with the Abeka books is that ABeka lacks distributors, so you usually have to contact them to find out when and where they are having their next meeting. Then you have to attend their meeting to view and purchase the books. You also need to set up an account with them.

“Save yourself time and trouble...”

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