Alpha Omega Life Pacs Curriculum Review

"Alpha Omega LIFE PACs are a full-color worktext curriculum for students in grades K to 12"

Your children achieve mastery learning...

Your children achieve mastery learning through systematic review of learned concepts at three levels:

  1. Each new concept or skill is reinforced within the Alpha Omega LIFEPAC worktext in which it is introduced
  2. Concepts and skills are integrated across all five core subjects in the curriculum
  3. Mastered material is treated as the building blocks of new material at the higher grade levels

Your children will be taught to think...

Many specific activities and questions require your children to go beyond simple objective recall. Your children will be taught to think analytically and draw conclusions that require a conceptual understanding of the material.

As your child's teacher, you guide your child through the pre-designed lesson plans, pacing the material and creating the spontaneous learning opportunities that make home schooling so effective. You chart your child's academic growth through parent-directed activities, self-tests and final unit tests.

Projects stimulate creativity and imaginative thought...

The use of independent projects to reinforce learned concepts is an important part of the LIFEPACs curriculum. Projects stimulate creativity and imaginative thought, and provide your children an opportunity to use and demonstrate the skills they have learned. Your children are allowed to freely explore and conduct their own research, but remain accountable to you, the teacher.

Your children will be challenged to think and develop independent learning skills and self-discipline.

LIFEPACs are conveniently packaged to meet the needs of home schoolers on a budget. You will save money by purchasing the Complete Boxed Sets for each subject and grade level. These include everything you need for the entire school year in one convenient package.

The workbook is the basic unit...

Alpha Omega LIFE PACs are a worktext curriculum. Ten workbooks constitute a full year's study in one subject. Each workbook takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete. Complete boxed sets for each grade level include 10 full-color worktexts for each subject for students to complete plus a 2 part Teacher's Guide. The Teacher's Guide includes a synopsis of every worktext, a complete answer key and test keys, plus helpful tips on managing your home schooling.

You and your children never get in over your heads thanks to Alpha Omega LIFE PACs reinforcements and testing. You will be able to accurately track your children's success and readiness to proceed.

We recommend...

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