Benefit of Home Schooling

Here is a list of the benefit of home schooling:

  1. Your children will become much closer and form lasting bonds with their parents and siblings.
  2. It is usually much more efficient than public schools because schedules can be more flexible and tailored to complement the individual needs and activities of your child and the home.
  3. Costs of home schooling are much cheaper than paying for public education with all its "hidden" extras.
  4. You, the parent, have greater, if not full, control of your child's curriculum and textbooks that will be used to study from. This is important if you hope to screen out "secular humanism" (Man is God philosophy) and "evolutionary" atheistic doctrines from your child's training.
  5. You get to save money on daily traveling expenses to school, board, fees, etc. This money can be put towards building a better life for your child.
  6. Another benefit of home schooling seldom thought about but equally important is the fact that your child has much more freedom: Freedom from fear, freedom from failing, freedom to go at one's own pace.
  7. An important benefit of home schooling is that it builds self-esteem and leads to improved academic performance. Your kids will likely be well ahead of their public school counterparts.
  8. School can actually be fun again.
  9. It only takes a few hours a day. It's efficient! You will save time.
  10. Home education allows you, the parent, to customize the curriculum to meet the needs of your child.
  11. Another benefit of home schooling is that it can start and stop at any time, and is totally flexible and accommodating to the needs of your family unit. Travel, recreational, and educational opportunities are easy to take advantage of when they occur.

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