What does “Parent Responsibility” mean?

“Parent Responsibility” means...

  1. You endeavor to raise your children in a Godly manner and give them knowledge of God through His Word. (moral training)
  2. You love, care for, and to the best of your ability supply your children's physical, spiritual, emotional and disciplinary needs.
  3. You protect your children from all forms of abuse.
  4. You see to it that your children are properly and sufficiently educated. (academically superior)
  5. You ensure that sufficient home school records are kept of your children's educational progress. (also see our home schooling law page)
  6. You ensure that needed medical care, including regular eye and dental check-ups, are supplied for your children.
  7. You discipline your children according to the standard agreed upon by the parents.
  8. You ensure that any children living apart from you (the parents) have your current address and phone number.
  9. You ensure that the children have been informed of their rights and that they are not being infringed upon.
  10. You ensure that your children have regular time with you (their parents), at least one hour five times a week. (with home schooling you will be with them all day, or at least a couple of hours each day)
  11. You ensure that your children have regular Family Days, at least two times per month.
  12. You ensure that your children receive needed medical attention.

In Conclusion

The fact that you are looking at home schooling your children proves that you want to be a good teacher and that you want to exercise your parental right and fulfill your legal parent responsibility. You will probably have no difficulty following the above guidelines and in fact may already be doing it.

For more information regarding your child parent responsibility check out this page from the Coalition for Responsible Home Education:
A Message For Home­school Parents