Saxon Math - John Saxon Speaks

“Yes, I have heard from many people, and I have removed the things that I consider might be offensive to these people.

“For example, I replaced demons with gremlins. When I was a pilot in World War II, when we were flying at 20,000 feet, the metal would contract and you would hear grinding and squealing noises from the back of the plane, and it would make you feel real uncomfortable. So World War II pilots invented “gremlins,” little men that were running around back there causing these strange noises.

“I also removed ghouls, poltergeists, etc. I thought those were medieval folk tales, and I put them in the book for fun for the kids. But I removed them.

“I took out everything that refers to the occult. I have gone through the books and removed everything that could be offensive to someone who was reasonable. I adamantly refused to take out ghosts, fairies, leprechauns, and all of the wonderful little imaginary people that populate the Disney movies and the stories that children have found so fascinating for hundreds of years.

“Now the only way you can fight the occult is to make a joke of it. You cannot protect children from things that are rampant in our society by refusing ever to talk about them.

“They object violently to the Greek gods. But if your children are not familiar with the Greek gods, they lose much of our heritage. All of the famous writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth, and of the twentieth century also, make constant reference to Greek mythology. Not because the Greek gods were true, and not because the Greek myths were true, but because everything we have in our culture comes from the Jews and the Greeks.

“Most of the letters I have gotten are from good people who confuse Christianity and ignorance. What distresses me is how much pleasure many of these Christians get out of hate. They are writing letters to all of these people, telling them about the evil in my books because I have fairies and ghosts in them. And of all of the things they could spend their energy on, it looks like I would be the least offensive, because my books do so much for their children"s understanding of math. And if there ever was a word in my book that they consider offensive, they could use that as a time to explain to their child that there are no such things as ghosts and there are no fairies.”

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