Home School and Socialization Issues

Socialization is the trump card the educational establishment used to play against home schooling, but the notion that home­schoolers are misfits has been struck a death blow by a young man named Larry Shyers.

School and Socialization Myth

Dr. Shyers recently completed a doctoral dissertation in which he challenged the myth that youngsters schooled at home “lag” in social development. In his study, eight to ten-year-old children were videotaped at play. Their behavior was observed by trained counselors who did not know which children went to regular schools and which were home schooling.

Their conclusion: “The study found no big difference between the two groups of children in self-concept or assertiveness, which was measured by their social development tests. But the videotapes showed that youngsters who were taught at home by their parents had consistently fewer behavioral problems.”

Home School and Socialization Benefits

Home schooling critics often worry about the social issue that home school children will not be properly socialized - a legitimate concern, since home schooling could be used to isolate and propagandize young people. But many home schooling families are confident that teaching children at home has social benefits. “I don't worry about the socialization question,” says Julie Riely-Gibbons, whose three young sons are home schooling. “First, I don't consider school a place where normal socialization occurs, because school is so cliquish and competitive. Second, as home­schoolers my kids get to socialize with kids of all ages and with far more adults than they can meet at school. Being out in the world instead of behind walls all day just seems more natural to me.”

Public Schools Demoralize

The socialization provided by the public schools has nothing to do with learning how to function as an adult in a civil society. Indeed, it is designed to do exactly the opposite by hurling the child into a savage environment where they are literally demoralized in every sense of the word.

“…Social Development… Is The Primary Reason For Home Schooling”

Greg Harris of Christian Life Workshops says, “The social development of my children is the primary reason for home schooling as far as I am concerned, because your social skill and attitudes have a direct bearing on your success in the academic dimension of your school work. The Bible says in Proverbs 13:20 that those who walk with the wise become wise, but a companion of fools will suffer harm. The wisdom that develops in the life of the person who walks with the wise is that he develops a taste and an appetite for the things that the wise enjoy. The harm that comes to the foolish, those who walk with fools, is that they develop the tastes and appetites and values and attitudes of the fools.”

“Pool Of Ignorance”

“So when we are looking at social training and social skills, if we allow children to spend too much time with their own mates, in an age-segregated setting, they become the companions of fools, they ‘pool their ignorance,’ and then they come out with a youth culture… So we end up with a repetitive pattern of children telling other children what they think which is dangerous.”

Another Opinion

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