Switched On Schoolhouse

Curriculum Overview

Is the Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum right for you? Switched On Schoolhouse is a program that uses a fully interactive interface.

Being fully interactive makes learning more fun for your children. Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse has an exclusive Focus Learning System which ensures that your children learn the material before continuing. This allows your children to work more on their own and makes teaching much easier for you.

Does Switched On Schoolhouse track scores?

The program's instant grading component grades questions as soon as they are completed, providing instant feedback. Your workload as a teacher is reduced by 90 percent or more because Switched On Schoolhouse grades all objective answers automatically, computes and records the scores, and comes with a built-in lesson planning feature.

What about quizzes and testing?

Questions and activities will challenge your children's grasp of the information. Quizzes and tests will then prove his understanding. You can rest assured that your children really do understand what they are learning.

Does the software help keep me organized?

Organizing your lesson plans and setting due dates is easier than ever. Automatic lesson plans are based on your school calendar. You can generate a year's worth of lesson plans with the click of a button. The schoolwork is spread evenly over the year according to the number of questions. You can even change the lesson plans if you have to adjust your school calendar partway through the year. Due dates are automatically computed and posted for the student.

Will the program keep me on schedule?

Past due notices will keep you on track. Based on your school calendar and lesson plans, these notices automatically appear when your children are falling behind. You won't need to keep reminding your children. Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse posts the Past Due notice and keeps up a warning until your children are back on schedule.

How 'in control' will I be as the teacher?

They have thought of practically every option and control that you, as the teacher, would want. The combinations are practically endless! You can set the penalty for poor spelling, set the school calendar, choose to assign or skip lessons and projects or even send your children back to redo them, just to name a few.

Does it promote memorization?

Have your children ever come up with a different (but also correct) answer than the one given in the answer key? Sometimes there is more than one way to answer a question. The short answer problems utilize an intelligent scripting system that allows for a variety of correct answers.

Your children will have the opportunity to apply analytical problem solving. In this way, Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse promotes thinking skills rather than just rote memorization.

What kind of testing does it use?

Some of the advanced activities you will have for testing your children's knowledge are multiple choice, true/false, matching crossword puzzles, graphical choice, paragraphs, selections, text choice, sorting, text entry, timed problems, printed exercises, essays, drag-and-drop, spelling, and reports.

How does the software use multimedia?

Education comes alive through multi-media. Here are a few examples of Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse multimedia features: video clips of Science experiments, three-dimensional objects rotating in space, events in the Bible, literature, and history; sound of the vocabulary words allow students to hear how each word is pronounced and spelling tests are given directly by the computer. Your children's education will be alive and fun again.

Is the curriculum non-denominational?

One of the academic core subjects of the Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum, the Bible subject is a non-denominational, doctrinal approach to Scripture mastery. Your children's view of God as Creator and Savior will be forever impacted through this study of the Word.

How is History and Geography presented?

The Switched-On Schoolhouse History and Geography curriculum will start your children with an exploration of the 50 states and then take them on a tour of our world geography. It is designed to make the study of history and geography relevant and thought provoking.

Is Language Arts broken down into subject areas?

The Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts curriculum will teach your children spelling, word meaning, parts of speech, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary as well as through creative writing and some of the more popular classics. With Switched On Schoolhouse's Biblical perspective, you're children will learn to discern truth from error - secular or religious.

Will I be able to teach higher math and science?

Switched On Schoolhouse's math curriculum takes your children from introductory arithmetic to algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus.

How is the science curriculum?

With Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse the Science curriculum will teach your children about plants, animals, rocks, and minerals, weather, biology, and chemistry. Your children will master the concepts more easily through clear Switched On Schoolhouse instructions.

What computer would I need?

See Alpha Omega Switched-On Schoolhouse for more information.