Why Home School

Experts give their opinions on the question of why you should home school your children.

The opinion of experts...

Dr. Pat Montgomery, founder of the "Home-Based Education Program" in Ann Arbor, Michigan, summarizes her answers to the question, "Why home school?":

  1. Parents, primarily, are responsible for the education of their children.
  2. Parents are consumers in the school marketplace and have the right, therefore, to control the process of education.
  3. Parents, students and teachers, those closest to the process, are most qualified to determine curriculum.
  4. Students have at least an equal say about how they will spend their time and what they will learn. Interests and abilities are the best guides for individualized learning.
  5. The practices of grading, testing and setting students in competition with other learners scarcely contribute to individual growth.
  6. A student learns best by doing, by being around adults who love him/her, by having good models to imitate, and by being exposed to all aspects of his/her world.
  7. The World is the classroom.

"Parents Prior Right"

Dr. Raymond Moore, defender of home education, gives several insights into the question of "Why home school?" starting with reasons why parents should be given the prior right to determine the education of their children, and why little children should not be rushed into school as early as is commonly done by either legal or social pressures across our nation:

"Why home school?": Some parents refuse to believe that public schools can do a better job of educating their children than they can, so they prefer to keep them at home well into the elementary grades, and in some cases through elementary and high school. In nearly every case we have witnessed, the children have enthusiastically responded to this parental concern and care and have far out-performed the average school child. And rather than being isolated, their homes tend to be the social centers of the neighborhoods. The neighborhood kids come to know which parents care.

"Why home school?: Many parents sense that schools simply cannot account for the individual differences of their children. It is quite clear to these parents that the mass production of industry is not a desirable pattern for the education of our children. Many studies show that geniuses through the ages have been taught in their formative years by parents and others on a one-to-one basis at home.

"No Evidence..."

Another reason regarding "Why Home School?": "There is no evidence to prove that the school is better at education than the home. James Bryan Connant, the father of the comprehensive school (institutionalized large schools), before his death rued the day that he ever called for enrichment through consolidation which effectively got rid of the one-room rural school. And the one-room school, incidentally, has not often out-performed the home.

"There are many studies which suggest strongly that there is no security so great or any socializing agency as positive and powerful as reasonably consistent parents in the climate of a warm and responsive home.

"Child psychologists answer the question of "Why home school?" by pointing out that children do very well when they can operate on a one-to-one basis or work in small groups of two or three or four. But strain often shows when they meet with classroom-size or larger groups for typical all-class activities.

"It has been found that elementary school children in general have difficulty maintaining a positive sense of self-worth after they enter school."

"School Proofing..."

Mary Pride, author of School Proof, talks about home schooling and "school proofing" and in so doing also answers the question "Why home school."

"School proofing means making sure your children get a great education, no matter what political or educational theory happens to be in vogue. It means having children who learn to read in an age of illiteracy; who learn to obey legitimate authority in an age of sullen rebellion; who learn to stand against injustice in an age of craven conformity.

"It means that your child will be smarter, more affectionate, and less dependent on external rewards and punishment. It means that you will be more confident, less worried about your children, more able to enjoy them and have high hopes for their future. It means that YOU are in control of their education."

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